Why should I use ReceiptPal?

ReceiptPal lets you earn rewards from your favorite retailers just for taking photos of your receipts. Plus, all of your receipts are stored in one handy place, so you can keep track of your spending in a secure location. Information on the receipts you provide are anonymized and aggregated with those of other ReceiptPal users to help brands make better product and marketing decisions.

Is ReceiptPal available for the iPad?

ReceiptPal currently does not support the iPad.

What qualifies as a valid receipt?

To dispute any receipts you feel were marked as invalid in error, please contact Support@receiptpalapp.com as soon as you are notified. All receipt disputes must be reported within 21 days of submission. Please retain a copy of your receipts in the event that we ask you to resubmit it to ReceiptPal.

What types of receipts are not accepted?

NOTE: Your receipts will be monitored to ensure compliance with the above rules. You will be notified if we identify lack of compliance on your part. After that notification, if we identify continued lack of compliance, it may lead to your removal from the service and the loss of points and sweepstakes entries up to that point.

How do I dispute an invalid receipt?

To dispute any receipts you feel were marked as invalid in error, please contact Support@receiptpalapp.com as soon as you are notified. All receipt disputes must be reported within 21 days of submission. Please retain a copy of your receipts in the event that we ask you to resubmit it to ReceiptPal.

How do I snap long paper receipts using ReceiptPal?

For long receipts, we recommend you snap the receipt from a distance aerially (maybe place the receipt on the floor or table) to get the entire receipt in one snap. Please do not take multiple pictures of the receipt as we currently do not have the ability to stitch the images together. We should be able to zoom in to verify the desired information.

How do I submit my e-receipts?

When you connect your email address with ReceiptPal, your e-receipts will be automatically captured directly from your email box. Only online orders placed with a registered and connected ReceiptPal email address will be picked up by ReceiptPal. E-receipts that are detected will be automatically submitted for processing and you won’t have to do a thing, plus bigger and better rewards become available to you once you are connected for more than a month!

If you try to connect your email address but do not remember your password, please contact your Email Service Provider.

Please note: At this time, only certain email providers are available for connection to ReceiptPal. The following email providers are eligible for connection to ReceiptPal: Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Outlook.com. We are continuing to investigate the possibility of adding more email providers.

Yahoo Users:If you use a Yahoo! email address, you may have to verify ReceiptPal as a connection. Below are instructions to ensure you are connected.

First, the password you use to sign up should always match your most current Yahoo password. If it does not, your email address will disconnect. Please confirm with Yahoo that the password you are entering to connect is correct.

Second, please modify Account security to allow apps that allow less secure sign in.

  1. Login to Yahoo and go to your account
  2. On the account page on the left hand bar you will see “Account Security” – click on that
  3. Scroll down on that page to the last item “Allow Apps that use less secure sign in” and turn that on

Lastly, please confirm that your email address is registered in the ReceiptPal app and you have agreed to connect your email address with ReceiptPal. Your online orders must be placed with the email address that is registered to your ReceiptPal account. In the ReceiptPal app, click Settings in the bottom right corner – Registration – click on your email address (or add it if it isn’t there) and move the "Automatically submit e-receipts" toggle switch to green (on).

Once completed, ReceiptPal will identify qualifying e-Receipts whose purchase date is this day or later. Please note: it may take a few days for ReceiptPal to extract qualified e-Receipts from your inbox and add them to your ReceiptPal account. Please keep your e-Receipts in your inbox until they are pulled, after which time you can move them to folders if you prefer.

Will ReceiptPal work if I am using a VPN on my device?

ReceiptPal will not work if you are using a VPN on your device. Some apps may add a VPN to your device. Please check to make sure a VPN is not in use prior to using the ReceiptPal app. If you are connected to a VPN, please disconnect from the VPN before using the ReceiptPal app to ensure you will have access to all of the app’s features.

Can I connect my ReceiptPal account to Amazon?

Yes! In order to connect your ReceiptPal account to your Amazon account, your email address must be actively connected to ReceiptPal. When you connect your ReceiptPal account to your Amazon account, your e-receipts for your Amazon purchases will be automatically captured and credited to your ReceiptPal account. Plus, bigger and better rewards become available to you once you have been connected for more than a month!

How do I submit e-receipts if I have not connected my email address with ReceiptPal?

When you make an online purchase, it’s likely that you’ll receive an e-receipt (a receipt that’s emailed to you). Sometimes when you make a purchase in a store, you can opt for an e-receipt. When you receive one, just forward it to receipts@receiptpalapp.com (don’t forget the ‘s’ in receipts). The receipt must be sent from the email address you used to register your ReceiptPal account. (Documents forwarded from a different email address will not be associated with your account, so you won’t be able to see them – and you won’t earn rewards credits for them!) You can register additional email addresses under the “Registration Settings” page in the app (accessed by clicking the gear symbol on the lower right of the app screen).

Follow these steps when forwarding an email containing an e-receipt:

  1. Open the email
  2. Click the button to forward the email
  3. In the "To:" field, please enter this email address: receipts@receiptpalapp.com (don’t forget the ‘s’ in receipts)
  4. Press "Send"
  5. Repeat as necessary for additional e-receipts
You do not need to put anything in the body of the email. We will recognize your email address and file the e-receipt with your other documents.
Note: e-receipts can be included in the body of an email. Sometimes retailers may send a receipt as an email attachment. Our system is set up to accept e-receipts in this format. You can treat both types of e-receipts the same way – simply forward to receipts@receiptpalapp.com.

How long does it take for receipts to be processed?

Our aim is to validate your receipts and reward your points in less than 24 hours. Sometimes, we experience large volumes, and we appreciate your patience as we catch up.

How many cards do I get each week?

New users receive five 100 point cards the day they join. After that, we hand out up to three new cards for you to fill out every week. New cards are handed out every Sunday at noon. Five is the maximum number of cards anyone can have at a given time.

Is there a reward program?

Yes! Submit a photo of a receipt or send an e-receipt to ReceiptPal. Once we validate* the receipt, you'll earn points that can be used toward great rewards like gift cards and entries into weekly sweepstakes. The more receipts you snap, the more points you earn, so start snapping now!

Please note that registration is not necessary for use of the ReceiptPal Service, but only registered users are eligible to participate in NPD’s ReceiptPal rewards program (as described in the NPD ReceiptPal Rewards Program Official Rules).

*Valid receipts must be submitted within the purchase week or by the Tuesday after the purchase week, and must contain retailer name, purchase date, price(s), either zip code or phone number, and total spent. Blurry images are not readable by our system and will not be considered valid receipts.

Am I entered into the weekly sweepstakes?

Yes! As a registered user, when you submit four valid receipts to a blue card you earn 100 points and every validated receipt earns you one entry into our Weekly Bonus Sweepstakes. If you complete all your blue cards before they are replenished on Sunday, you can submit receipts directly to the pink Sweeps card for double the Sweepstakes entry per receipt (but no additional points). So keep snapping! Sweepstakes entries reset each Monday.

How do I redeem rewards?

You can cash in your points for rewards at any time, as long as you have validated your email address and have enough points for the reward that you want to redeem. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Rewards at the top of the app
  2. Click on the Reward you want to redeem
  3. Click Redeem
  4. Click No or Yes to confirm you want to redeem your points for that reward. Please be certain of this choice since you cannot return a reward code once you claim it.

An email with the reward code will be sent immediately to the email address you used to register with ReceiptPal.

Do my points expire?

Points do not expire as long as you are an active participant. Accumulated points are forfeited due to account inactivity. When you do not submit a receipt through the image capture feature of the ReceiptPal app for 90 days, we reset your account back to zero points.

Do my rewards expire?

Most rewards do not have expiration dates and can be used at any time. Please note that the following rewards do have expiration dates:

What happens if I get a new phone or hard reset my phone?

  1. Download and open up ReceiptPal
  2. Press ‘Register’ on the bottom left hand corner of the main screen
  3. Enter the email address you originally registered with ReceiptPal (Please manually type your entire email address. Do not autofill if a pop up appears)
  4. Validate your email address by either entering your password for your email box provider if you are connected to email auto-capture, or by clicking on the link we email to you*
  5. Refresh the app

* Once you validate your email address, your points and receipt archive will be re-associated to your phone.

What is a duplicate receipt?

A receipt is marked as a duplicate when the Merchant Name, Purchase Date/Time and Total Price Paid are the same as another receipt that has already been validated.

How do I organize my receipts and other documents?

How is my information protected?

When you download the ReceiptPal app, the software is installed on your phone. The receipts and other information you capture, however, are not retained on the phone. It’s all uploaded and stored on our virtual servers. Don’t worry – this is a safe, secure site. All communication between the ReceiptPal app and our servers uses a SSL-encrypted certificate to keep information safe.

When does ReceiptPal access my camera?

ReceiptPal only accesses the camera when you are snapping receipts. If you use a Samsung mobile device, a background permission related to the Samsung App Permission Monitor may show that ReceiptPal is using your camera while the app is closed. The App Permission Monitor detects that ReceiptPal is running in the background for other purposes (e.g. receiving push notifications), sees that you have granted camera permissions to ReceiptPal, and alerts you that ReceiptPal might be using your camera when it is not.

What is The NPD Group?

The NPD Group provides market information and advisory services to help companies make better business decisions. We help our clients develop the right products and get them in the right places at the right prices for the right people in order grow their businesses. We are known for our expertise in industries including food, fashion, technology, and more.

What do you do with my receipts?

The ReceiptPal team aggregates your receipt data with those of other ReceiptPal members, and develops market research to help brands create better products.

How to Unsubscribe?

Registration and participation is voluntary. You may remove our app at any time by deleting it from your device. Once the app is removed, you will no longer be able to upload receipts to your account. You can also select to remove your email address from our mailing list by contacting us at support@receiptpalapp.com.

What if I have a question or suggestion about ReceiptPal? How do I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you if you have questions or comments. Please click the "Feedback" button in the “Settings” of the app (click the gear symbol on the lower right hand side of the app screen) or email support@receiptpalapp.com.

Who created ReceiptPal?

ReceiptPal was created by The NPD Group with development by Small Planet Digital.